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The great expeditions of Columbus, Magellan, Hillary and Picard are behind us. Nowadays, the search is on for the 'next best disruptive thing'. The 'Blue Ocean' of value innovation described by Kim and Mauborgne, in their book. The business no man's land where competition does not exist. The counterpart of the 'Red Ocean' where companies compete on price and not on product.

The internet and the cloud have a major impact on both oceans. Think of Uber, AirBnb, but also the influence of online stores such as Zalando on retail chains such as - the now bankrupt - V&D. Examples of shifts in the Business-2-Consumer market.

iFour™ builds risk-bearing web applications in the Business-2-Business market.

What do we mean by this? We actively invest in realizing ideas. Not with money but with technology! If you can convince us that a scalable and defensible Business-2-Business market is or can arise, we will supply the required technology without any investment from you. What do we ask in return? Part of the revenue when you work with our technology. If you grow, we grow with you. Doesn't work, are you not satisfied? Then the collaboration ends. You are under no obligation to work with our technology.

Are you the entrepreneur or innovative company with unique data or business processes that, when brought to the cloud, can have a commercial success in the market?

Do you know a market where innovation is called Excel and the highest level of collaboration is achieved with E-mail?

We invest in 'blue ocean' expeditions by providing the necessary technology, creativity and time. We participate as business partner, co-founder and technology investor.


How do we work


Innovation is an expedition where passion, urgency, teamwork, determination but also new technology come together.

New technology is often the basis for innovation. New possibilities, new opportunities! Seeing creativity and opportunity is one of the strengths of iFour™. We see possibilities where others don't.

iFour™ actively participates in the innovative process because we speak the language of companies and technology. The collaboration and passion to finalize and implement a business case is essential.

iFour™ works on a project basis and each project has its own business case.

Who is our targetgroup


  • Entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the blue ocean


Who knows where the 'Blue Ocean' is?

Innovation and business development are vital for companies. Many billions are spent. The internet, and especially the cloud, are the great catalyst. Many new initiatives are based on internet technology. Just think of the blockchain, internet-of-things (Iot) and artificial intelligence. Topics that have a special interest at iFour™ because we have experience with them.

If you want to innovate nowadays, knowledge and skills in the field of the internet are necessary. Why? We live in an information society. Everyone and everything must be able to communicate with each other. The faster the better.

There are still seas of opportunities in the B2B market. Much can be improved. Data can be used more optimally, more commercially. Business processes can function better if the communication power of the internet is applied. Entrepreneurs and innovative companies often know where the opportunities lie, but do not have the IT knowledge, money or time to realize them.

We have the passion, creativity, knowledge, financial strength and the platform to realize an innovative business case.

Contact us if you know where the blue ocean is, but don't know how to get to it via the internet


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